The Eurasia Studies Society of Great Britain & Europe (Est. 2011)

The Eurasia Studies Society of Great Britain & Europe (TESS-GB-EUROPE) is a British and European based research society formed by a group of academics and postgraduates following the 2011 SOAS Central Asia, the Caucasus and Eurasia Symposium (26 February).

TESS-GB-EUROPE is organised jointly by academics and postgraduate students in Britain, the European Union, those countries associated with Eurasia (and beyond). It is intended to be a forum in which researchers can meet at conferences and seminars held bi-annually and exchange ideas, present work, receive critical feedback and liaise with scholars.

TESS-GB-EUROPE is primarily interested in the Eurasian region of Europe and Asia. Scholars and students are welcome to join TESS-GB-EUROPE, especially if they are studying cross-regional and cultural issues. Research topics include the following areas: History, culture and anthropology; Arts, music and architecture; Economics, business studies and geography; Social change, religion and civil society; and Energy, security and geo-politics. 

The Eurasia Studies Society Journal

Please join us at FACEBOOK: “The Eurasia Studies Society.”


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