Eurasia Studies Society of Great Britain & Europe (Est. 2011)

The Eurasia Studies Society of Great Britain & Europe is a British and European based research society formed by a group of academics and postgraduates following the 2011 SOAS (London) Central Asia, the Caucasus and Eurasia Symposium (26 February).

Our research society is organised jointly by academics and postgraduate students in Britain, the European Union, those countries associated with Eurasia (and beyond). It is intended to be a forum in which researchers can meet at conferences and seminars held bi-annually and exchange ideas, present work, receive critical feedback and liaise with scholars.

Our research society is primarily interested in the Eurasian region of Europe and Asia. Scholars and students are welcome to join Great us on Facebook, especially if they are studying cross-regional and cultural issues. Research topics include the following areas:

History, culture and anthropology; Arts, music and architecture; Economics, business studies; Environment and geography; Religion and spirituality; Social change and civil society; and Energy, security and geopolitics. 

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