London 2011, SOAS

2011 SOAS Postgraduate Symposium on Central Asia, the Caucasus and Eurasia
8.50am-5.30pm Saturday 26 February. Room B104, Brunei Gallery, (School of Oriental and African Studies, Russell Square, London).

Convener: Dr. Sevket Hylton Akyildiz (SOAS).
8.30 – 8.50 Speakers Registration.

Group A (Moderator Dr. Otambek Mastibekov, Agha Khan University)
Katherine Hughes (SOAS) Samanid material culture & identities in post-Soviet Tajikistan.
Diana Ibanez-Tirado (SOAS) “Tajikistan is a water country.”
Anya Munster (SOAS). The experience of practicing Muslims in Crimea: identity and cultural change.
Questions & Answers.

Group B (Moderator Diana Ibanez-Tirado, SOAS)
Gokhan Alper Ataser & Leyla Sayfutdinova (Middle East Technical). Divided over language: Russian language and Azerbaijan national identity.
Questions & Answers.
11.00-11.30 Coffee & Tea Break.

Group C (Moderator Gaigysyz Jorayev, UCL)
Diana Kudaibergenova (Cambridge) The „Self‟ and the „Other‟ in Astana‟s symbolic architecture.
Timothy Alexander Nunan (Oxford) From Pashtuwali to Communism: Komsomol and the Democratic Organization of Youth of Afghanistan in Eastern Afghanistan, c. 1980-1988.
Questions & Answers.
1.00-1.55 Lunch.


Group D (Moderator Kenan Aksu, Goldsmiths)

Dr. Bolormaa Shagdar (Cambridge) Natural resources and energy issues in Central Asia: Mongolia as Central Asia‟s El-Dorado.

Giulia Prelz Oltramonti (Brussels University) Business through de facto states: past and present relevance of cross-border trade links& economic cooperation.
Questions & Answers.
3.30-3.55 Coffee & Tea Break.

Group E (Moderator Richard Carlson, SOAS).

Kenan Aksu (Goldsmiths) Nabucco pipeline and its importance for the Caspian Region, Turkey and EU.
Alex Calvo (European University, Barcelona) Japan returns to Central Asia in search for rare earths.
Ali Fathollah-Nejad (SOAS) The effects of Iran sanctions in the field of energy.
5.30-6.00 Questions & Answers.