London 2012(a), SOAS

Second Annual Interdisciplinary

Eurasia Research Conference 2012

School of Oriental and African Studies,  University of London

Russell Square, London

Jointly organized by The Eurasian Studies Society (TESS)


New Research on Central Asia and Caucasus (NRCAC)

Conference Chairs:

Sevket Hylton Akyildiz (SOAS) & Gaigysyz Jorayev (UCL)

Contact e-mail: 

Venue: Room G2, SOAS, Russell Square, London

Saturday 18 February 2012, (Starts at 9.00am ends at 17.00pm)

Registration: Free to all

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 Welcome (Dr. Sevket Hylton Akyildiz, SOAS)

Panel 1- [9.05- 10.50]  

– Identity, Culture and Anthropology

Chair: Dr. Otambek Mastibekov, Aga Khan University, Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilizations, London

  • Diana Ibanez  (PhD Candidate, SOAS, London)

Taloq or ‘Fast Track Divorce’: Subjectivity, Personhood, and Mexican Soap Operas in Kulob, Southern Tajikistan

  •  Bolant Yeskarauly (PhD Candidate, Leicester University)

Kazakhness and Kazakhstanshipness in the 21st Century

  • Rebecca Beardmore (PhD Candidate, UCL)

The Past is Another Country: Reflections on Conducting Archaeology in the Post-Soviet, Multinational, Nation-state of Kazakhstan

  • Diana Kudaibergenova (PhD Cambridge University)

National Identity in Post-Soviet Central Asia: Soviet Legacy and Primordialism Post-1991

Coffee Break [10.50-11.10]

Panel 2 – [11.10-12.50] History

Chair: Katherine Hughes, PhD Candidate, SOAS

  • Dr. Elena Paskaleva (Leiden University, Holland)

The Bibi Khanum Kosh in Samarqand: Its Mongol and Timurid Architecture

  • Stefan Peychev (PhD Candidate, University of Illinois).

Capital Cities and Imperial Ideology in Eurasia, 1200-1500

  • Nourmamadcho Nourmamadchoev (PhD Student, SOAS, London)

Complex Representation as Reflected in Ethnographic and Historical Sources: A Case of the Mirs of the  Northern Principalities in Badakshan

  • Barakatullo Ashurov (PhD Student, SOAS, London)

Sogdian Texts from Sogdiana: Eighty Years Ago and Now

Lunch Break [12.50-13.30]

Panel 3 –  [13.30- 14.50] Development Issues

Chair: Sultonbek Aksakolov, PhD Candidate, SOAS

  • Gulzat Botoeva (PhD Candidate, Essex University)

Social and Economic Conditions of Drug Production in Kyrgyzstan

  • Zamira Dildorbekova (Exeter University, UK)

The Dynamics of Islam and Modernity in Tajikistan

  • Alex Calvo (European University, Barcelona)

Selected International Legal Aspects of the Proposed Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline

Coffee Break [14.50-15.10]

Panel 4 – [15.15-16.50] International Relations & Politics

Chair: Zayra M Badillo Castro, PhD Candidate, SOAS

  • Cyrus Ki Yip Yee (PhD Candidate, SOAS)

China’s New Administration in the Inner Asian Frontiers in the Late Qing Period 1901-11

  • Timothy Alexander Nunan (PhD Candidate, Oxford University)

Soviet Development Thought, the ‘Central Asian Consensus’, and Soviet Afganovedeniie. c. 1953-1991

  • Aijan Sharshenova (PhD Candidate, Leeds University)

Democracy Promotion in Central Asia: the European Union’s Strategy Towards Kyrgyzstan

Closing Remarks: Dr. Gül Berna Özcan, Royal Holloway, University of London

Conference Sponsors –

Arcadia University,

School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London,

Royal Holloway, University of London.


Post event dinner at 19:00 PM

Sofra Restaurant,

Covent Garden, London.

 £17.50 per person (payable on the night).

Poster of 18 February SOAS conference:

Conference Poster 18 Feb